Awakes in the first night and chooses 2 players, who are a couple. If one of the couple die, the other player dies as well.


Pick a victim every night with all the other werewolves. It must be decided with one consent.


Belongs to the good roles and wins with the villagers. However, to the seer this role will be revealed as bad role.


Can use a healing and poison potion once in the game to either protect a player from werewolf death or kill a player. Gets to know the victim of the werewolves every night as long as she has the healing potion. Should the same person be poisoned who also enjoys the protection of the priest, the player does not die but the poison potion is gone.


Selects a player each night and learns if he belongs to the good or bad roles.


Protects one player every night, including himself. Can't protect the same player 2 nights in a row.

Dream girl

Can stay overnight with a different player every night but not 2 times in a row with the same person. If she is the victim of the werewolves nothing happens to her when she selected another player. If she spends the night with a werewolf, she dies. If she spends the night with a target of the werewolves and the target dies (not protected by the witch or the priest) she dies as well. If she sleeps over at the tough guy's house, who still has his ability, only she dies - the tough guy survives one more day.


No abilities


If the hunter dies, he can kill another player.

Tough guy

If attacked at night, he dies not the following day but the day after.